In an effort to offer the best patient care, improve survival rate and quality of life in patients with HPB disease in Singapore and set standards of care, a group of professional experts envisioned an association made up of health care providers or specialists involved in the management of HPB diseases. The association came into being in August 2012 and was aptly named the Hepatopancreatobiliary Association (Singapore) or HPBAS with 65 founding members. Consequently, the HPBAS constitution was created.

The HPBAS aims to be the professional body which sets standard and guidelines for member in the management of HPB diseases and disorders in Singapore at the same time fostering collegial relationship among its varied members.

Regularly, the HPBAS organizes public symposia to raise awareness, educate and enlighten the public on HPB diseases and disorders. Further, regular symposia conducted by the HPBAS shares knowledge and skills, promotes educational standards of care, update and educate professionals on current trends and state-of the art treatment modalities of different HPBs.

The HPBAS is committed to the highest ethical standards in research, education, organizational operation and interaction with industry.


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